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It was already predicted in the middle of the 20th century; we are moving towards a Leisure Society. Technological innovation in the household ensured that we had more time for a good conversation or a nice hobby. On top of that, automation would ensure that many work processes would become so efficient that we could go to an 8-hour work week. The trend did indeed develop as predicted, but leisure activities have also changed.

Artificial Intelligence
We are currently seeing a revival of the Leisure Society. Now powered by robotics and machine learning. Artificial Intelligence is now even taking over knowledge-intensive jobs. As human beings, we end up on the sidelines of the labor market. Who will have a job and who will not? And shouldn’t we introduce a Basic Income so that we can all continue to participate in this leisure economy? In the meantime, we are having a great time with new gadgets and tech-driven services and experiences.

Liquid Leisure
Parallel to this Leisure Society, various metaverses are developing, new parallel living worlds that are experienced from hobby level to performative leisure in gaming and entertainment, among other things. The working environment is also becoming increasingly hybrid. Will Liquid Leisure soon be intertwined with mixed reality?

Welcome to 2050 where 70% of the world’s population lives in cities. Virtual reality and the platform algorithms are used. In this city of the future, we are not only served and operated by robots, but we can also marry them. Fortunately, thanks to hologram technology, we can also meet with family and friends all over the world. We eat jellyfish and cultured meat. And the pressure in the city keeps increasing; will technology save our cities?

Wim Noordzij
CEO House of Esports

Eventbroker in Sports, Arts, Education and Leisure, House of Esports, Esports Marketing Agency, GameAcademy. GameGym.GameTime, ‘Gamen in de Maatschappij’, GameGeneration B.V.
Specialties: Commercial affairs, sponsoring, acquisition, consultancy, projectmanagement in the field of (sports)events, education and Welfare

Martijn Mulder
Lecturer Leisure & Attractive City
Willem de Kooning Academy

Martijn Mulder is researcher in live music, festival and pop venues. He is also a lecturer at Willem de Kooning/Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Dr Wim Strijbosch
Researcher and lecturer at Breda University of Applied Sciences // Board member TEA EME

The Experience Lab is a state-of-the-art experience design, management and measurement facility, in which we are able to measure emotions directly from the body and the brain.

Jeroen Steenbakkers
Owner Argaleo

Argaleo develops ICT services, applications and support for companies and government. It is their mission to create value from data for their customers and users. Economic value and social value. They do this by offering online “Digital Twin” solutions that provide the right insights into social issues.