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About Future of Leisure
The Future of Leisure largely depends on the role leisure manages to claim in the vital issues facing society, the city, the lives of citizens. 

The outbreak of the global pandemic and the restrictions on leisure opportunities that resulted exposed the impact of our industry on the functioning of society. However, it remained remarkably quiet from the leisure sector for a long time.

This brings us to the question: 
Is the leisure industry focused on itself as a sector (and its future) or are we as a sector able to take a leading position in the world and were society is developing towards? 

From the four leisure academies in the Netherlands, we assign the sector at least that broader role, both economically, geographically as well as socially. It’s time to make this a reality and work together towards that experiencefull, vibrant, liveable, meaningful, sustainable, wealthy and healthy ‘Leisure-Driven Society’. And time for the sector to live up to its potential as a means and context to improve the quality of life and living environment. Leisure carries the core quality of touching and involving people.

Join the movement!
During this conference, we challenge (future) Leisure Professionals to define and shape that future role together. We look beyond the obvious trends and developments and inspire with ‘the gems in the industry’ who are already succeeding in their pioneering role from the leisure domain.

During this conference, dedicated to meeting, connecting and inspiring, we will discover together the broader vision of ‘Leisure in the City’. The qualities that characterise our sector: playfulness, games, entertainment, humour, hospitality, encounters, inspiration, storytelling et cetera offer a breeding ground to provide a suitable context to bring about change and build bridges. And, in fact, allow us to be challenged on the complex issues and challenges we face as a society.
In the afternoon programme each participant will join one of the perspectives to work in a mixed group (professionals, students and lecturers) on exploring and designing the Future of Leisure from that specific perspective. The programme will consist of a mix of design sessions, inspiration, workshops, best cases, conversations and will lead to a big exhibition at the end of the day which shows us the Future of Leisure.

Conference location
Breda University of Applied Sciences
Horizon Building (main building)
Mgr. Hopmansstraat 2
4817 JS, Breda

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By analysing cases and telling stories, Uncover wants to inspire, show future topics and connect the network towards new perspectives, possibilities and challenges. Uncover stands for discovering things together. The platform offers Breda University of Applied Sciences a platform to share research and projects with its network. Through Uncover, we explicitly try to reach and bring together our entire network around knowledge sharing and knowledge development: entrepreneurs, government, education, research and social organisations. 

In addition to the publication of Uncover magazines, Uncover meetings are also organised under the heading of ‘future perspectives on Leisure & Events’.

Uncover presents this Future of Leisure Conference, together with the other three Leisure & Events Management programmes, of NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences, Willem de Kooning/Rotterdam Hogeschool and Inholland University of Applied Sciences.
Beside this event Uncover will also publish a joint produced magazine on this topic for the leisure network.