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During the morning programme, two keynote speakers will take the stage at the Future of Leisure Conference!
Ian Yeoman, Associate Professor (Futurologist) and Milan Meyberg, Sustainability Strategist, will inspire and activate you. Bas van Spréw, Director of Creative Business and Director of the Amsterdam location at Inholland University of Applied Sciences, will be the Chairman of the Conference

Bas van SpréwChairman of the Conference
Director Creative Business

Inholland University of Applied Sciences

Bas is director at Inholland University of Applied Sciences, domain Creative Business. He has a passion for education. He plays an active role as director within the cultural sector. Ask him anything about educational strategics & leisure in society.


Dr Ian Yeoman
Futurologist & Professor

Victoria University of Wellington (NZ) & European Tourism Futures Institute
(ETFI NHL Stenden Leeuwarden) a.o.

Topics: Future research. Scenario planning. Strategic foresight

A leading expert on scenario planning in travel and tourism, Dr Yeoman was previously employed by Visit Scotland, the Scottish National Tourist Board, and he has been a lecturer in Tourism Management at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand since 2008.


Milan Meyberg
Revolution/Sustainability manager

Freelance (Previous: DGTL Festival, Apenkooi Events, a.o.)

Topics: Groundbreaking concepts. Sustainable strategies. Purpose & Impact.

An absolute expert in concept development, project management, content creation & sustainable strategies. As he puts it: Sophisticated and engaging storytelling through science, art, music and technology.