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A good city is like a good party – people stay longer than really necessary, because they are enjoying themselves – Jan Gehl 

Everything is space! But how each person arranges that space for himself and for the other is becoming increasingly complex. The entitlement to use of public space has changed. Where spaces previously perhaps arranged for 1 purpose, now we have seen that those spaces also get a different interpretation, use and give a new experience. For example playgrounds for children used by adult bootcampers.   

Just as we can claim that all time is ‘free time’ and we can fill in this time as we wish, so we could also look at space; all is space.  

We don’t design for individuals but for communities. But what are the conditions for such a design? A design that enables use by and serves an entire community? And can we upscale ‘small’ designs for a street or square to an entire city? 

Because of the creative and organizational talent of Leisure professionals, they are able to connect people and their environment. No wonder that Urban Leisure & Tourims Fieldlabs are succesfull in performing small-scale testing to determine what might be feasible on a much larger scale. Small projects build great communities!

Meet the changemakers and let them inspire you with great stories about experiences that build communities and great cities.

Dennis Elbers
Cultural Entrepreneur
Graphic Matters & Blind Walls Gallery
Article in Uncover Magazine

Dennis is fascinated by the impact of visual culture on our life. His work aims to show that unobtrusive (graphic) design is actually extraordinary. The designers he works with not only make you look, but you will see. Aks him anything about contemporary creativeness that allow you to see the world from a different perspective.

Nils Roemen

Experience Experts
Experience Designer

Entrepeneur, speaker (TEDx), inspirator, storyteller but most of all creator of experiences that touch peoples hearts & souls. He believes that only by touching people’s hearts there is room for movement and can you create real change. Ask him anything about Experience Design.

Olaf Ernst

Breda University of Applied Sciences
Lecturer Leisure Management
Article in Uncover Magazine

Olaf is one of the coordinators of the specialisation Urban Life & Placemaking at Breda University of Applied Sciences. One of his interests lies in the field of gentrification. Ask him about the function of pubs and bars in cities.

Eva James

Inholland University of Applied Sciences
Lecturer Experience Design & Imagineering

Eva is lecturer Experience Design & Imagineering at InHolland University of Applied Sciences. She is a spatial designer & experienced communications strategist who tells stories that have to be heard and designs social spaces you never want to leave. Ask her about placemaking and fabulous projects of impact.